Ty Teenie Beanies - McDonalds Ty Collector

1998 Teenie Beanie Babies
Promotional Items

Happy Meal Bags

6 inches wide x 11 inches tall
Bag 1 - side 1
1998 Happy Meal bag - front
Bag 1 - Side 2
1998 Happy Meal bag - back
Bag 1 - bottom
1998 Happy Meal bag - bottom
Bag 2 - side 1

McDonalds Happy Meal bag 1998 - front
Bag 2 - side 2

McDonalds Happy Meal bag 1998 - back
Bag 2 - bottom
Happy Meal Bag - 1998 McDonalds / Ty promotion

Some 1998 Happy Meal bags came with a Parent's Guide attached to the bag
1998 McDonalds Parent's Guide To Safe and And Sane Road Trips

Happy Meal Boxes

Used instead of bags for a test-marketing program at McDonalds
restaurants in Albuquerque, NM & Colorado Springs, CO areas

Photo available soon

Banner (plastic) for Outside Display
"Teenie Beanies Are Here"
45 inches tall x 114 inches wide

Photo available soon

Party Banner (plastic) for Outside Display
"Ty Teenie Beanie Babies Are Here"
34 inches tall x 240 inches wide

Photo available soon

Drive-Thru Signs

Translite displaying all 12 Teenie Beanie Babies in the promotion

Photo not available

Sign showing which Teenie Beanie Babies were still available and which ones were sold out

Photo not available

McDonalds Restaurant In-store Display

Photo available soon

McDonald's Special Edition Collector's Set

13 inches wide x.10.25 inches deep x 3 inches tall

Photo available soon

McDonalds Employee Cap (white)


McDonalds employee Teenie Beanie Baby cap 1998 - front


McDonalds employee - Teenie Beanie Babies cap 1998 - back

McDonalds Employee T-Shirt (front & back)

McDonalds employee T-shirt - 1998 Teenie Beanie Baby promotion - front  McDonalds employee T-shirt - 1998 Teenie Beanie Baby promotion - back

McDonalds Employee Teenie Beanie (Crew) Pins

Sold to McDonalds employees through a Ty Teenie Beanie catalog

1998 McDonalds employee Ty Teenie Beanie lapel pins

Pin given to McDonalds employees as an incentive to support the Teenie Beanie promotion

McDonalds employee Ty incentive pin - 1998

McDonalds Employee Magnet

3.5 inches wide x 4 inches tall
The Ty heart in the center can be taken out.

McDonalds employee magnet - 1998

Media Kit

The Media Kits were given to McDonalds executives and the media. Approximately 300 kits were distributed.
Each kit contained all 12 Teenie Beanie Babies in two pull-out compartments.

Photo not available

Ronald McDonald Rewards Certificates

Photo available soon

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