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Projected Ty Releases 2015

The following Ty collectibles are projected to be available in 2015. This list is a "projection" compiled from various official and unofficial sources that may not include all actual releases, and may also include items that do not get released. We attempt to restrict this list to items that have not already shipped to Ty authorized retailers.

Please share any information you have about projected Ty releases that are not already on this list by using the online contact form.

Ty Beanie Boos
  Grapes (clip) - monkey
  Icy (regular, clip, medium) - seal
  Olaf (clip) - snowman
  Paris - bear
  Roxie (regular) - raccoon
  Slick (clip) - fox
  Stars - bear
  Tasha (medium) - ocelot
  Tess (Justice stores) - tiger
  Whiskers (regular) - dog

Ty Beanie Babies

  Hello Kitty (Happy birthday, purple hat)
  Hello Kitty (rainbow fashionista)
  Spotty - jaguar
  Sven (clip) - reindeer

Ty Beanie Buddies
  Littlemiss Sunshine (UK) (regular and 15-inch)
  Olaf (large) - snowman

  Fang (clip, medium)
  Kink (clip, medium)
  Lola (clip, medium)
  Scoops (clip, medium)
  Tang (regular, clip, medium)
  ZeeZee (regular, clip, medium)
  Zinger (clip, medium)
  Zwippy (regular, clip, medium)

Ty Classics
  Ming - panda bear
  Snowpup - seal
  Tundra - white tiger

Last update - January 25, 2015

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