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Projected Ty Releases, 2014 & 2015

The following Ty collectibles are projected to be available for the remainder of 2013 and early 2014. This list is a "projection" compiled from various official and unofficial sources that may not include all actual releases, and may also include items that do not get released. We attempt to restrict this list to items that have not already shipped to Ty authorized retailers.

Please share any information you have about projected Ty releases that are not already on this list by using the online contact form.

Ty Beanie Boos
  Crawly (black) - spider
  Crawly (purple) - spider
  Darci (clip) - giraffe
  Fiona (Justice exclusive) - cat
  Fluffy - lion
  Icicles (regular, medium) - owl
  Izabella (Claire's exclusive) - husky
  Jinxy - cat
  Mandy - panda
  Neptune - seahorse
  North (regular, medium) - penguin
  Olga - lamb
  Owliver (large) - owl
  Pellie (Claire's exclusive) - cat
  Scarem - bat
  Sherbet - dog
  Slow-Poke (clip) - turtle
  Sparkles (large) - dolphin
  Sweetikins - bear

Ty Beanie Ballz
  Mickey (regular & medium) with sound
  Minnie (regular & medium) with sound
  Seattle Seahawks - Rush Zone football
  Tigger (regular & medium) with sound
  Winnie the Pooh (regular & medium) with sound

Ty Beanie Babies
  Brutus (another redesign)
  Charming - unicorn
  Hello Kitty (bat costume) - cat
  Hello Kitty (cotton candy) - cat
  Hello Kitty (Easter, holding chick)
  Hello Kitty (Easter, holding lamb)
  Hello Kitty (happy birthday) - cat
  Hello Kitty (holding gingerbread man) - cat
  Hello Kitty (I love France) - cat
  Hello Kitty (I love Lyon) - cat
  Hello Kitty (reindeer)
  Luke - dog
  Olaf - snowman

Ty Beanie Buddies
  Littlemiss Sunshine (UK) (regular and 15-inch)
  Applejack (22-inch) - pony
  Fluttershy (22-inch) - pony
  Olaf - snowman
  Pinky Pie (22-inch) - pony
  Rainbow Dash (22-inch) - pony
  Rarity (22-inch) - unicorn
  Twilight Sparkle (22-inch) - unicorn

Ty Classics
  Luke - dog
  Snowpup - seal

Basket Beanies
  *name unknown - cinnamon rabbit
  *name unknown - black and white rabbit
  *name unknown - satin rabbit

Halloweenie Beanies
  Batty - pumpkin bat
  Mystery - pumpkin
  Treatsie - pumpkin ghost

Baby Beanies
  Coco - gingerbread boy cupcake
  Flakes - snowman cupcake
  Gelato - penguin cupcake

Ty Frizzys (new product line)

Sports Promotions
  August 24, 2014 - Beanie Baby Gracie (Chicago Cubs)
  September 21, 2014 - DKNY Beanie Buddy (name not announced) (New York Yankees)

Last update - July 26, 2014

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