Ty Collector

Bronx Bomber
Bronx Bomber - baseball player - Ty Beanie Boppers
Ty family: Beanie Boppers
Style number: 00100
Variety: Baseball sports promotion
Animal: Baseball player - Doll
Exclusive to: New York Yankees
Special category: Sports promotion
Stadium / Arena: Yankee Stadium
Teams: New York Yankees
Anaheim Angels
Score / winner: 4 to 3 / Anaheim Angels
Game date(s): August 5, 2001
Number given out: 18,000
Given out to:  
Birthday: August 5
Introduction date: August 5, 2001
Retirement date: August 7, 2001
Height: 13.25 inches
ST generation(s): 1
TT generation(s):  
Theme: Baseball

SWING TAG (inside)



COMMEMORATIVE CARD (front and back)

Bronx Bomber - commemorative card - front and back

GAME TICKET (front and back)

Bronx Bomber - game ticket