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Ribbit (green and yellow)
Ribbit (green and yellow) - frog - Ty Pillow Pals
Ty family: Pillow Pals
Style number: 03009
Variety: Green and yellow
Animal: Frog
Exclusive to:  
Special category:  
Birthday: none
Introduction date: 1997
Retirement date: 1998
Length: 14 inches
ST generation(s): 3, 4
TT generation(s): Year 1996

SWING TAG PHRASE (inside right)
God, please make my life a little light,
To help make the world a little bright.

This green & yellow version of Ribbit was made with either a felt mouth or a 2-strand yarn mouth.

Ribbit - 2 styles of mouth - felt and dual yarn

There is also a solid green version of Ribbit, style 3006, and a red version of Ribbit, style 3106.

Pillow Pals - Ribbit trio


Ribbit (green and yellow) - Frog - Ty Pillow Pal