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January 24 - Beanie Boos Lindi, Lavender, Darla, Twinkle Toes, Sami, Patches, Pablo, Sammy and Beanie Babies Monroe, Jaden and Pongo

January 15 - Ty medium Beanie Boos Lavender, Pablo, Darla, Lindi, Twinkle Toes, Patches and Sammy

January 11, 2016 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

December 26 - Frizzys clips Zwippy, Fang, Plopsy and Mops

December 21 - Licensed Boo Bath & Body sets (Claire's), Licensed Boo Hand Sanitizer (Claire's), Licensed Boo Charm Bracelet (Justice), Beanie Boos Georgia (clip), Rosie, Reagan (clip), Glider (clip) and Georgia (medium), Beanie Babies Spike, Mrs. Prickly, Mrs. Prickley (clip) and Spike (clip), Baby Beanies Sweetsy, Chill and Shivers

December 13 - Beanie Boos Sugar Pie, Sugar Pie (medium), Cuddly Bear (medium), Cutie Pie, Cutie Pie (medium) and Squeaker

December 6 - Beanie Boos Serena and London, Beanie Baby Cecil. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

November 23 - Licensed Boo wall stickers Zig-Zag & Zazzy, Waddles & Spells, Tabitha & Pepper, Slush & Fetch, Shelby & Zippy, Leona & Glamour, Grapes & Coconut, Safari & Bamboo, Peanut & Ellie, Beanie Buddy Y Ddraig Goch, Beanie Babies Y Ddraig Goch (clip), Daddy Pig, Daddy Pig (clip), Licensed Boo circular stickers (96-pack) Jungle, Girly and Pets

November 17 - Beanie Boos Asia (large), Pegasus (large), Slick (large) and Glider (large), Beanie Babies Freckles, Tucker and Whopper

November 9 - Beanie Boos Freeze, Freeze (medium)Wise, Wise (medium), Nadya (clip), Olga (clip), Audrey (clip), Sky High (clip) and London (clip)

November 2 - List of Ty-licensed 3rd party Boo-themed products. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

October 19 - Beanie Babies Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, Beanie Ballz Curve, Beanie Buddies Cleats, Beanie Boos Reagan (large), Reagan (medium), Pellie (large) and Willow

October 11 - Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (Spain), Beanie Boos Austin, Barley, Buckwheat, Cinder, Sydney and Tusk

October 1 - Beanie Boos Georgia (large), Aria (large), Aria (medium), Boris, Audrey, Olga, Nadya, Glider, Glider (medium), Tasha (large), Sky High (large), Lucy, Frights (medium)Pellie (medium), Asia (medium), Sky High (medium), Sky High, Brutus, Dougie and Sophie

Last update - January 24, 2016

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