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April 21 - Ty Classic Mischief (jointed)

April 19 - Ty Classic Eleanor, Beanie Babies Luke, Li Mei and Rainbow Dash (clip)

April 17 - Beanie Babies Jinglemouse, Jack (black nose) and Jack (flag nose)

April 16 - Beanie Babies Koowee, Korea (black nose), Korea (I love), Juneau and Kookie

April 13 - Year 2000 Ty/McDonalds promotion employee t-shirt and Polo shirt, Year 1999 Ty/McDonalds promotion employee t-shirt and Polo shirt, Beanie Babies Golden Peppa, Applejack (clip) and Rarity (clip)

April 6 - Classic Tanner, Buddy Peppa Pig (bedtime), Beanie Babies Fluttershy (clip), Pinkie Pie (clip) and Twilight Sparkle (clip). Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

April 5 - Added List of Hallmark exclusives & 2014 Ty / McDonalds BOO watch

March 27 - Baby Ty My Baby Bear (brown)

March 23 - McDonalds employee Teenie Beanie Babies 2000 cap, Teenie Beanie Babies 1998 cap, Teenie Beanie Babies 1999 cap, Beanie Boo Hero (2014 redesign with glitter eyes), Classic Twiddle, Beanie Babies Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack

March 11 - Beanie Boo Halo, Beanie Buddy George Super Hero

March 9 - Beanie Boos Vedes, Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (I Love London) and Twilight Sparkle (with wings), Ty Classics Dobbs, Fluff (collar only) and Fullhouse. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

March 2 - Beanie Boo Rocco (clip), Beanie Buddy Hello Kitty (mermaid), Ty Classics Yodeler, Yodels and Yodel

February 26 - Beanie Boos Swoops (2013 version) and Glamour (large), Beanie Babies Hello Kitty (pink shimmer), Hello Kitty (rose), Hello Kitty (purple) and Hello Kitty (turquoise)

February 24 - Beanie Boos Carrots (auburn) and Babs, Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (Easter, rainbow ears), Basket Beanies Carrots, Babs and Tweet

February 20 - Beanie Babies Sock Monkey (pink sparkle), Sock Monkey (purple sparkle) and Beanie Boo Twigs (medium)

February 16 - Beanie Babies Hello Kitty (baby), Stuffy and Lambie, Beanie Ballz Tiki

February 10 - Disney Sparkle Beanie Babies Minnie (rainbow dress), Minnie (tie-dye dress), Minnie (teal dress), Disney Sparkle Buddies Minnie (rainbow dress), Minnie (tie-dye dress), Minnie (teal dress), and updated the Princess Beanie Baby value page

February 5 - Beanie Boos T-Bone, Leona (clip), Legs (clip), Twigs (clip), Beanie Ballz Toby, Leonardo and Raphael

February 4 - Beanie Ballz Splashy and Boo Flips

February 2 - Spring 2014 Ty retail catalog (front & back cover) and Beanie Boos Ellie and Ellie (medium)

January 30 - Beanie Boo Leona (medium) and Monstaz Frizzy

January 29 - Added Ty product birthday calendar section

January 27 - Beanie Boos Leona, Twigs and Ice Cube, and Beanie Ballz Ozzy

January 23 - Monstaz Toothy, Trouble and Rufus, Boos Rocco, Rocco (medium), Legs and Legs (medium)

January 19 - Beanie Baby Sahara (both versions)

January 16 - Garcia prototype and Boos 6th generation tush tags

January 15 - Beanie Ballz medium size Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Penguins,     

Last update - April 21, 2014

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