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January 28 - Beanie Boos Kacey and Whiskers (medium)    

January 27 - Beanie Boos Ice Cube (medium) and Slick (medium)

January 26 - Pluffies Winks (extra large) and Boo Bloom (medium)

January 25 - Ty Spring 2015 Retailer Catalog (front & back covers). Beanie Boos Oscar (medium) and Zoey (medium)

January 24 - Beanie Boos Grapes (medium) and LaLa (medium)

January 22 - Beanie Boos Jewel, Zoey, Slick, Roxie (medium), Grapes, LaLa, Dandelion, Oscar, Bloom and Tasha

January 11 - Beanie Baby Olaf (with sound), Classics Snowbank and Molasses, Beanie Boos Duke and Icicles (medium). Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

January 7, 2015 - Beanie Boo Owliver (large)

December 30 - Beanie Baby Olaf (pink heart)

December 22 - Beanie Babies Brutus (style 40482) and Brutus (style 40803), Beanie Buddy Lambie

December 16 - Beanie Boos Fluffy, Sherbet, Sweetikins and Mandy, Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (heart glasses)

December 14 - Beanie Boos Pinky (extra large), Cancun (extra large) and Glamour (extra large). Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

December 10 - Beanie Boo Coconut (extra large)

December 9 - Classic Jumbles, Beanie Boos Fiona (clip), Fiona, and Ruby (medium)

December 8 - Beanie Buddies Pinkie Pie (large), Rarity (large) and Fluttershy (large)

December 7 - Disney Sparkle Beanie Baby Sven, Beanie Baby Charming, Baby Ty Bearbaby (blue), Bearbaby (pink) and Kitty Cat, Beanie Boo Ellie (large), and new C1 generation Disney Sparkle swing and tush tags

December 2 - Beanie Boos Pipper and Maddie, Pluffies Snuggery

November 25 - Beanie Boo Elfie, Plush Classic Baby Cesha, Beanie Babies Hello Kitty (Paris), Hello Kitty (Lyon) and Hello Kitty (France)

November 19 - Beanie Boo Trixie, Sparkles (medium) and Slow-Poke (medium)

November 17 - Beanie Boos Owliver (medium) and North (medium). Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

November 14 - Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (celebration), Beanie Boo Lovesy and Beanie Ballz Denver Broncos (football)

November 2 - Beanie Boos Patty, North, Fiona (medium), Darci (medium), Ice Cube (large), Leona (large), Wishful (large), and Disney Sparkle Beanie Buddy Minnie (ballerina)

Last update - January 28, 2015

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