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August 7 - Beanie Boos Patsy (Patsey), Ghoulie, Ghoulie (medium), Shadow, Shadow (medium) and Mist, Halloweenie Beanies Crawler and Spidey

July 27 - Beanie Boos Boom Boom, Piggley, Owlette, Scooter and Owlette (medium), Beanie Baby Tabor, Classics Snicky, Tabor, Rufus, Buff, and Beanie Buddies Snowball, Mel and Max

July 18 - Beanie Boos Sydney (large), Sydney (medium), London (medium), Orchid, Avril, and Cuddly Bear

July 17 - Teeny Tys Chaser#1, Gus, Spangle, Gypsy, Jack, Jelly, Candy, Monkey Boo, Windsor, Olivia, Kenny and Pennie. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

July 8 - Beanie Babies Chloe, Gidget, Max, Duke, Snowball, Buddy and Mel

June 23 - Disney Sparkle Beanie Babies Dory, Destiny and Nemo

June 14 - Beanie Boo Dory (Nature's Harvest limited edition) and Joey (Claire's exclusive)

May 16 - Beanie Boos Kiki (medium), Precious (medium), Tracey (medium), Dotty (medium), Dotty (clip), Tracey (clip), Sammy (clip), Pablo (clip) and Patches (clip), Disney Sparkle Olaf (Santa hat) Beanie Baby and Olaf (Santa hat) Beanie Buddy

May 10 - Beanie Boos Tracey, Firecracker, Dreamer, Dotty, Precious, Paris (2016) and Kiki

May 9 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

April 26 - Ty Beanie Boos Shamu, Shamu (medium) and Shamu (clip)

April 19 - Ty Beanie Baby Regal

April 16 - Ty Classics Africa, Beijing, Brownie, India, Kingston, Pouncer, Rocky, Savannah and Serengeti

April 7 - Beanie Boos Lizzie and Olive

Last update - August 7, 2016

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