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October 17 - Beanie Boos Fiona (large), Pinky (large) and Sparkles (large)

October 8 - Baby Beanies Coco, Gelato and Flakes

October 7 - Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (I Love Lyon), Beanie Boos Anabelle and Icicles, Beanie Buddy Captain

October 6 - Beanie Babies Olaf, Hello Kitty (gingerbread man), Hello Kitty (reindeer), Hello Kitty (cotton candy) and Beanie Buddy Olaf. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

October 3 - Beanie Boo LeylaList of Barnes & Noble exclusives, Beanie Ballz Mickey with sound, Minnie with sound, Tigger with sound, Winnie the Pooh with sound

October 1 - Beanie Baby Gracie (Chicago Cubs, 24 Aug 2014)

September 28 - Ty 2014 Fall retailer catalog (cover), Frizzys swing tags, Beanie Boos Duke (medium), Izabella (clip) and Pellie (clip)

September 27 - Frizzys Fang, Kink, Lola, Plopsy, Scoops and Zinger

September 22 - Halloweenie Beanies Batty, Mystery and Treatsie

September 21 - Beanie Boos Arsentiy, Tabitha (medium), Daria and Olga, Beanie Buddy Luke and Classic Brutus

September 8 - Beanie Boos Neptune, Daria (medium), Leyla (medium) and Olga (medium). Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

August 19 - Beanie Boos Tomato and Crawly (black & purple versions)

August 18 - Beanie Boos Sparkles (clip), Owliver (clip), Darci (clip), Slowpoke (clip), Jinxy, Owliver and Scarem, Beanie Babies Hello Kitty (Halloween bat), Luke and Disney Sparkle Minnie (ballerina)

August 11 - Swing tags with "ORIGIINAL" and "Suface Wash" spelling errors. Beanie Baby Peace (original) and new section for the original Peace bears.

August 9 - Beanie Boos Pellie and Izabella

August 7 - Beanie Boos Darci and Darci (large)

August 5 - Beanie Boo Ruby. Display, translites and posters for the 2014 McDonalds Teenie Beanie Boo promotion. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

August 4 - Beanie Boos Tabitha, Sparkles and Slowpoke

Last update - October 17, 2014

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