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July 20 - Ty Peek-A-Boos Penni, Chimps, Pups and Uni

July 7 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

July 1 - Beanie Boos Trixie (large), Elfie (large) and Paris

June 8 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

May 18 - Beanie Baby Y Ddraig Goch (2015 version) and Frizzys Zeezee

May 4 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

May 3 - Beanie Boo Dakota, Classic Alfalfa, Frizzys Jips (medium), Zwippy, Zwippy (medium) and Lola (2015 redesign)

April 27 - Beanie Boo Tess (large)

April 26 - Summer 2015 Ty Retailer Catalog, MasterPieces Beanie Boos and Beanie Babies jigsaw puzzles

April 22 - Beanie Boos Fantasia (large), Fantasia (clip), Maddie (clip), Specks (clip), Disney Sparkle Beanie Buddy Olaf (large)

April 19 - Beanie Boos Fantasia, Flora, Specks, Maddie, Fanatasia (medium), Specks (medium) and Maddie (medium), Disney Sparkle Beanie Baby Olaf (clip)

April 10 - Beanie Boos Tess, Aria, Georgia, Reagan and Dakota (medium), Beanie Baby Old Timer

April 9 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

April 4 - Frizzys Zinger (clip), Zeezee (clip), Tang (clip), Scoops (clip), Lola (clip) and Kink (clip)

March 25 - Beanie Babies Leo Beanie Lion, Leo Beanie Lion Gold, Leo Pillow, Leo Round Pillow and  Leo Football

March 23 - Frizzys Kink (medium), Tang (medium), Lola (medium) and Fang (medium)

March 19 - Beanie Boo Jewel (medium) and Stars, and Tina Tate decorated bears Pastel Baby Rags

March 13 - Beanie Babies Bubbles, Sniffer and (Zodiac) Rat, Boos Whiskers and Ruby (clip), Basket Beanie LaLa

March 12 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

March 8 - Beanie Babies Crunch, Cheeks, Ewey and Batty (tie-dye)

March 7 - Beanie Babies Thumper and Otis

March 2 - Beanie Babies Tilden Football, Tilden Pillow, Tilden Round Pillow, Tilden Ballz, Tilden Beanie Mascot Blue (T), Tilden Beanie Mascot Blue (Tilden TV & Radio), Tilden Beanie Mascot Yellow, Hello Kitty (mermaid, 2015 redesign), Frizzys Scoops (medium), Beanie Boos Grapes (clip)

February 26 - Classics Ming and Tundra, Beanie Baby Tundra, Frizzys Zinger (medium) and Zeezee (medium)

February 24 - Beanie Baby Hello Kitty (fashionista, purple glasses)

February 20 - Beanie Babies Spotty and Majestic (redesign), Boos Roxie and Slick (clip), Disney Sparkle Sven (clip)

February 14 - Beanie Boos Mandy (medium) and Chloe (large), Beanie Buddy Olaf (with sound), Classics Tiggs, Bananas and Arctic

February 12 - Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

February 4 - Beanie Baby Booties, Classics Louie and Brownie

February 2 - Beanie Babies Arctic, Bananas, Brownie, Louie, Ming and Tiggs, Beanie Boo Icy

January 31 - Ty Plush/Classic Shaggy (brown), Beanie Babies Hello Kitty (holding chick) and Hello Kitty (holding bunny), Beanie Boos Tasha (medium), Tasha (clip), Roxie (clip), Oscar (clip) and Zoey (clip), Basket Beanies Bloom

Last update - July 20, 2015

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