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Ty Mini Boos Collectibles

Ty Mini Boos - Series 1
Ty Mini Boos Collectibles are small, hand-painted figurines. There are 13 Mini Boos in the initial 2017 release that is called "Series 1." The Mini Boos are sold individually in boxes that conceal the contents, except one box with Slush (the husky) peeking out.

Slush peeking out of his box

The boxes containing the Mini Boos are taped shut and each Mini Boo (except Slush) is enclosed (inside the box) in a sealed, opaque plastic bag so even when the box is open, the contents remain a mystery until the plastic bag is also opened.

Plastic bag containing Mini Boo (inside of box)

The Mini Boos appear to be made of some type of hard rubber. The packaging does not have information on the materials used. Each different Mini Boo can have one of three different surface textures - plastic, velvet or a combination of both. They all have plastic glitter eyes.
Mini Boos surface textures
In this photo, Coconut has a velvet texture for the body, and plastic textured face, hands and feet. Safari has an overall plastic texture. Pinky has a plastic textured body with a velvet textured face.

There is a Mini Boos checklist included in every box. The checklist refers to 12 Mini Boos plus a "Rare Mystery Chaser."

Mini Boos Collectibles Checklist - inside each box

The "Chaser" is produced in fewer numbers than the rest of the Mini Boos and is more difficult to find. The "Chaser" for Series 1 is Dotty.

Dotty - Ty Mini Boos "Chaser"

Mini Boos (Series 1) are between 2 - 2.75 inches tall, except Icy (seal) who is 2.75 inches long and 1.25 inches tall. The photo below shows the difference in size between regular size Beanie Boos and Mini Boos.

Regular Boos and Mini Boos - size comparison

Last update - July 22, 2017

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