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Jammin' Jenna
Jammin' Jenna (original) - doll - Ty Girlz
Ty family: Girlz
Style number: 02209
Animal: Doll - Girl
Exclusive to:  
Special category:  
Birthday: none
Introduction date: July 12, 2007
Retirement date:  
Height: 14 inches
ST generation(s): Ty Girlz 1
TT generation(s):


The original version of Jammin' Jenna does not have internal wires to help her pose. A second version was produced with internal PVC-coated wires. The second version is approximately .5 inches shorter; her face is wider with more horizontal eye alignment; the fabric design of her belt and shoes is cloth pin-stripe instead of vinyl material; the string attaching her earrings is flesh-toned instead of yellow; her jeans have Velcro fastenings in the legs; there is an extra line of text on the reverse of the tush tag that reads, "& PVC COATED WIRE" and her underpants have more of a bronze metallic color. The second version was also sold with a comb. Sondra also noticed that the second version has a "fuller" figure.


Jammin' Jenna (original) close-up Jammin' Jenna (2nd version) close-up

Jammin' Jenna (2nd version) - doll - Ty Girlz

Jammin' Jenna original and 2nd version