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Hope for Japan
Hope for Japan - penguin - Ty Beanie Boo
Ty family: Beanie Boos
Style number: 36027
Animal: Penguin
Exclusive to:  
Special category:  
Birthday: none
Introduction date: April 13, 2011
Off ordeer: September 20, 2013
Height: 6.25 inches
ST generation(s): 2
TT generation(s): 2
Theme: Japan Tsunami

SWING TAG (inside)

Hope for Japan - swing tag inside

Ty donated one million dollars to Save the Children, to assist with relief efforts in Japan after a devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011.

Two Ty collectibles were produced to help raise funds for Ty's donation; this Hope for Japan Beanie Boo and a Hello Kitty Beanie Baby named I love Japan.

I love Japan Hello Kitty and Hope for Japan Beanie Boo


The Hope for Japan Beanie Boo penguin is not not the same as the original Beanie Boo penguin Waddles, style 36008. The original Boo penguin Waddles is on the left in both photos.