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Clover (USA version)
Clover (USA) - Lamb - Ty Beanie Boos
Ty family: Beanie Boos
Style number: 36032
Variety: USA version
Animal: Lamb - Sheep
Exclusive to:  
Special category:  
Birthday: February 2
Introduction date: January 1, 2011
Retirement date: November 27, 2013
Height: 5.5 inches
ST generation(s): 2
TT generation(s): 2
Theme: Easter

SWING TAG PHRASE (inside right)
Everyone thinks that I'm so cute
And with my wool you can make a suit !

The USA version of Clover was released later than the UK version and there are differences between the two versions. The USA version has white fur and the UK version is cream color. The feet on the USA version are furry. The UK version has feet with a "felt" texture. The eye and inner ear colors show differences and the purple color on the swing and tush tags is darker on the USA version. The USA version appears to have a larger head.

The UK version of Clover is on the left.
USA version of Clover compared to UK version

The UK version of Clover is on the left.
UK version of Clover compared to US version

On August 29, 2016, Ty Inc. announced the official retirement of Clover at their Internet site. Ty Inc. had already officially retired Clover on November 27, 2013. Perhaps Clover had snuck back into Ty headquarters and had to be reminded it was retired.