Ty Collector

Chillz - penguin - Ty Beanie Boos
Ty family: Beanie Boos
Style number: 36710
Animal: Penguin
Exclusive to: Five Below
Special category:  
Birthday: January 10
Introduction date: First seen October 2013
See additional information below
Retirement date:  
Height: 6 inches
ST generation(s): 3
TT generation(s): 3

SWING TAG PHRASE (inside right)
My igloo looks so nice I think
I dyed the ice to make it pink !

This is the first Five Below exclusive Beanie Boo.

A few photographs of Chillz turned up on collector blogs in October and November 2013. Then in mid November 2013, Chillz was listed by a seller at eBay. On November 23, 2013, that Chillz sold for $556.90. Three days later another Chillz sold on eBay for $100. On November 28, 2013, yet another Chillz sold for $100 on eBay.

On November 25, 2013, Five Below advertised a Black Friday exclusive sale of Chillz for $4.99.

Five Below advertisement for Chillz Boo

The tush tag production number of "0313" on the version sold at Five Below indicates Chillz was around for several months before collectors took notice of him.