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Ty Beanie Boos 1st UK Release - Tags

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These are the swing & tush tags used for the 1st UK release of Boos. The same tags appeared on the 1st US version of Boos (in October 2009), even though the US Boos themselves were different than the 1st release UK Boos. The plastic swing tag connectors were red for the first UK release and white for the 2nd UK and 1st US versions.

Swing Tag front - UK 1st release Swing Tag inside - UK 1st release Swing Tag back - UK 1st release

Tush Tag front - UK 1st release Tush Tag back - UK 1st release

We acquired a few of our 1st UK release Boos from a Ty authorized retailer in Germany. Those came with the 1st UK release swing tags, but also had a sticker covering the "" address on the left inside of the tag. We have also seen 1st UK version tags with the sticker on the right inside of the tag.

UK 1st version ST from Ty dealer in Germany

Last update - July 5 2013

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