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The Boo family - three years old and still growing...
The original seven Beanie Boos appeared exclusively in the UK in June 2009. Slightly modified versions of six of the original seven Boos were released in the UK and USA later in 2009.

March 2010 saw the introduction of two new sizes of Boos; medium Boos (originally called Boo Buddies) and Boo key-clips (originally called Boo Boo's).

In January 2012 Ty introduced large Boos. The first four to hit retailer shelves were Coconut, Cookie, Safari and Waddles.
Safari Boo in key-clip, regular, medium and large sizes

The original seven UK Beanie Boos (June 2009)
The first Beanie Boos
The original seven Beanie Boos were introduced in June 2009 when they shipped to Ty retailers in the UK. They were (left to right) Bamboo, Bubblegum, Coconut, Kiwi, Peanut, Slush and Waddles.

Second UK release (August 2009)
Second release Beanie Boos
In August 2009, the second release of Boos arrived in the UK. Peanut had disappeared and the original Bubblegum (the Koala bear) was renamed Kooky. A new Lemur appeared with the name Bubblegum, accompanied by a new Bush Baby named Cleo. The second UK release of Boos also had several color, size and texture changes from the first release. 

First USA release (November 2009)
Beanie Boos arrive in the USA
Beanie Boos shipped to USA dealers for the first time in November 2009. Two Boos previously available in the UK second release were omitted from USA shipments; Bubblegum and Cleo.

Ty, Inc. had removed Bubblegum and Cleo from the US market in response to a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Aurora World, Inc.

Learning Express Best Toy Award (June 2011)
Learning Express Best Toy Award
At the 2011 Annual Learning Express convention in Jacksonville, Florida, Ty received the Best Toy Award in the Plush category for the Beanie Boos.

Boos invade Justice stores (March 2012)
Wild and sparkly Boos
In March 2012, Ty shipped a new style Boo with sparkly eyes. The first two new-style Boos were Sapphire and Treasure. They were sold exclusively by Justice stores in select locations. By the end of December 2012, Sapphire and Treasure had been joined by several more Justice store exclusive Boos.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BOO SIZES - Prior to January 2012, Ty referred to the Boo sizes as clip, regular (6-inch) and big (13-inch). In the Spring 2012 Ty retailer catalog, new 16-inch Boos were introduced and the size categories were renamed as clip (5-inch), regular (6-inch), medium (13-inch) and large (16-inch). All size labels for Ty Beanie Boos at tycollector.com have been updated to reflect the new sizing labels in current Ty retailer catalogs.

January 2013 saw the unannounced introduction of yet another size of Boo. Cookie in 12-inch size was spotted being sold at CVS Pharmacy. It isn't known whether there will be additional Boos in the 12-inch size.

Valentine Cookie Boo in clip, regular, medium and 12-inch sizes

Cookie Valentine's versions in clip, regular, medium and 12-inch sizes

October 17, 2013 - News broke of two unannounced exclusive Claire's Boos when a collector posted a YouTube video showing the new Boos in a store. The Boos also showed up on October 24, 2013 in the Claire's online store. These are the first retail store exclusive Boos that show the name of the retail store inside the swing tag.

Claire's exclusive Boos Bubbly and Zazzy

Early 2014 - A small number of "extra large" Boos were made available for purchase by authorized Ty retailers in the UK for in-store displays. These did not have Ty swing or tush tags and were "not for resale."

Near the end of September 2014, six different extra large Boos showed up for sale in Germany and the UK. The German eBay listings claimed each of the extra large Boos was limited to a production run of 600. The extra large Boos released at the end of September 2014 did have the red, heart-shaped Ty Boo swing tag and Ty tush tags.

Coconut (extra large) - style 36746 - Ty Beanie Boos

July 4, 2014 - For the 35th anniversary of Happy Meals, McDonalds featured 16 Teenie Beanie Boos based on existing Ty Boo names.

Teenie Beanie Boos - 2014 McDonalds promotion

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