Ty Collector

Zip (all black)
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Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 04004
Variety: All black
Animal: Cat
Exclusive to:  
Special category:  
Birthday: March 28, 1994
Introduction date: January 7, 1996
Retirement date: March 10, 1996
ST generation(s): 3
TT generation(s): 1

Keep Zip by your side all the day through
Zip is good luck, you'll see it's true
When you have something you need to do
Zip will always believe in you !

There are four different versions of Zip. They all have the same style number.

   White face with magenta whiskers - 2nd generation swing tag.
   White face with pink whiskers - 3rd generation swing tag.
   All black - 3rd generation swing tag.
   White paws - 3rd, 4th or 5th generation swing tag.



Counterfeit versions of Zip (all black) exist.

   1. The counterfeit version has a shorter body than the authentic version.
   2. The eyes on the counterfeit version are positioned too far back on the head.
   3. The threads making the whiskers of the counterfeit version are a lighter shade of pink and thinner than the thread used on the authentic version.
   4. The plastic pellets used in some of the counterfeits are not round. They have flat ends and are shaped like a small can.
   5. The tush tag on an authentic version is black and white. The authentic version of the all-black Zip never came with a red and white tush tag. The first red and white tush tag for Zip was on the white paw version.
   6. The third generation swing tag on a counterfeit is made from a shiny, slick, orange-red card stock common to many of the counterfeits. The color on an authentic version is 100% red.