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Yam Yam
Yam Yam - Boblin - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 40611
Animal: Boblin
Exclusive to: Canada, Australia and
New Zealand
Special category: Licensed
Birthday: none
Introduction date: March 30, 2007
Retirement date:  
Height: 6 inches
ST generation(s): 15
TT generation(s): 13
Theme: Boblins

SWING TAG PHRASE (inside right)
My name is Yam Yam.
I love to bounce
have fun !

SWING TAG (inside)

Yam Yam - swing tag inside

Boblins is an animated educational television show broadcast in several countries including the UK, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and France. The show features seven characters who interact in a land called Rainbow's End. Each of the seven Boblins represents one of the seven colors of the rainbow and possesses a personality associated with its own color.

The seven Boblins are (left to right) Gully (style 40608), Bodkin (style 40634), Pi (style 40609), Onny (style 40633), Ruddle (style 40610), Pinny (style 40632) and Yam-Yam (style 40611). A Boblin identical to Gully was released as an exclusive in Sweden and the UK, but with the name Gimmy. They both have the same style number.

Ty Beanie Boblins - group of seven


Yam Yam - Boblin - Ty Beanie Babies