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Racing Gold (white)
Racing Gold (white) - bear - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 40694
Variety: White
Animal: Bear
Exclusive to:  
Special category: NASCAR
Birthday: February 17, 2008
Introduction date: September 29, 2007
Sold out: March 26, 2012
Height: 8.5 inches
ST generation(s): 15
TT generation(s): 13

SWING TAG (inside)

Racing Gold - swing tag inside


Complete list of NASCAR licensed Beanie Baby bears.

Racing Gold is available in five different colors. Four of the bears have the same style number (40694). The Ty store version (black) is style 44119. Racing Gold Blue is a half-inch taller than the other four Racing Gold bears.

Racing Gold bears - set

Each bear in this set came with an extra swing tag bearing a holographic NASCAR logo.

Extra holographic NASCAR logo swing tag