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Plex - robot - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 40916
Animal: Robot
Exclusive to:  
Special category: Licensed - Yo Gabba Gabba
Birthday: none
Introduction date: May 2011
Retirement date: January 27, 2014
Height: 10 inches
ST generation(s): 18
TT generation(s): 14
Theme: Yo Gabba Gabba


SWING TAG (inside left)

Yo Gabba Gabba set - swing tag inside left

Yo Gabba Gabba! is an American children's television show that premiered August 20, 2007. The series incorporates retro-style, beat-driven music to teach simple life lessons using a variety of characters who play and dance when they hear the magic words, "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

Plex is a male, magic yellow robot. He is the leader of Gabba Land and usually teaches lessons to his friends. Plex can use his special ray to bring things into existence and he plays the keytar.

Ty made five Beanie Babies based on Yo Gabba Gabba characters. Their names are Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex and Toodee.

Yo Gabba Gabba group of five


Plex - robot - Ty Beanie Babies

Plex - robot - Ty Beanie Babies