Ty Collector

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Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 04057
Animal: Bear
Exclusive to: USA
Special category:  
Birthday: none
Introduction date: June 15, 1996
Retirement date: January 1, 1997
ST generation(s): 4
TT generation(s): 3
Theme: Independence Day, Liberty

I am called libearty
I wear the flag for all to see
Hope and freedom is my way
That's why I wear flag USA

1. Libearty was the first Beanie Baby bear to wear a flag. He was also the fist Ty Beanie Baby to have a 4th generation swing tag.
2. The name Libearty is capitalized only on the first tags to come out, with the swing tag reading "Summer Olympics 1996, Atlanta, GA," but the word Olympics whited out. Only the first letter of the name was capitalized on subsequent later versions of the tag.


1. Libearty with an upside-down USA flag.
2. Libearty missing the USA flag.
2. Libearty with "beanine" misspelling on tush tag.


Counterfeit versions of Libearty exist.

   1. There is a variety of incorrect flags on the counterfeit versions. Some have too much white between the stripes. Some have a wide white stripe at the top and bottom. On some counterfeit versions with the correct design of the flag, the red and blue are lighter shades than the those colors on the authentic version.
   2. The fabric on the counterfeit versions is not smooth and soft.
   3. The nose on the counterfeits is darker brown than the nose on the authentic version.
   4. Some counterfeit versions have ribbons with the correct width but they are cut too long and sewn under the chin. Some counterfeit versions have a ribbon that is rosy red instead of bright red.
   5. Yellow star on the front of a counterfeit swing tag is gold-yellow color instead of bright yellow.
   6. The counterfeit swing tag has "freedom" misspelled "freedem" in the poem.
   7. The counterfeit swing tag left inside has extra spaces in "U.S.A.".