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Hikari (flag nose)
Hikari (flag nose) - Bear - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 46041
Variety: flag nose
Animal: Bear
Exclusive to: Japan
Special category: Asia-Pacific 2005
Birthday: August 6, 2005
Introduction date: October 15, 2005
Retirement date: June 15, 2006
Height: 8.5 inches
ST generation(s): 13
TT generation(s): 13
Theme: Country flag

Written in Japanese language.

Approximate translation of poem into English
When the round sun rises over the land in the morning
It is the time to wake up
Illuminate the country and
Bless my homeland forever !

Hikari (flag nose) swing tag inside

Hikari (flag nose) is one of six flag pattern and flag nose bears in the 2005 Asia-Pacific set.
The other five bears in this set are Aotearoa, Korea, Maju, Negaraku, and Starry.

Hikari was also made with a black nose.


Hikari (flag nose) tush tag front