Ty Collector

Coral Casino
Coral Casino - Bear - Ty Beanie Babies 
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: none
Animal: Bear
Exclusive to: Coral Casino Club members
Special category: Signed by Ty
Birthday: none
Introduction date: December 9, 2001
Retirement date: December 9, 2001
Height: 8.25 inches
ST generation(s): 9
TT generation(s): 10

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SWING TAG PHRASE (left inside)
Kissed by the sun
caressed by the sea
Rich with beauty & memories
Forever you'll always
mean so much to me

Coral Casino - swing tag front    Coral Casino - swing tag back

Coral Casino - swing tag inside left    Coral Casino - swing tag inside right

On December 9, 2001, the Coral Casino Beanie Baby bear was given as a gift to club members at a reception dinner held at the Coral Casino Beach Club located at the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel. There were 588 of these bears made. Each swing tag was numbered and signed by Ty. Members who were not present at the Christmas reception received their bears in the mail.


Letter from Ty included with the Coral Casino bears that were mailed to club members.

Coral Casino - letter from Ty to club members

The packaging for the bears that were mailed.

Coral Casino mail packaging