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Color Me Beanie (Birthday Kit, bear)
Color Me Beanie (Birthday Kit bear) - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 04903
Animal: Bear - Birthday Kit
Exclusive to: BBOC
Special category: BBOC kit
Birthday: none
Introduction date: September 2, 2003
Retirement date: July 16, 2004
Height: 6 inches (sitting)
ST generation(s): 11
TT generation(s): 13
Theme: BBOC


Each Color Me Beanie bear wore a ribbon. There were five different colors of ribbon; blue, green, orange, red and yellow.

The Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit bears came in the Beanie Babies Official Club (BBOC) Kit for the year 2003. This kit was a clear plastic case containing a Color Me Beanie bear, six assorted water soluble, color markers (to color the bear), a paper party hat to color, a party horn and a BBOC membership application card.

Color Me Beanie bear Birthday Kit contents

In 2003, the BBOC Kit contained any one of four different animals; the bear, a cat, a dog or a unicorn. The bears were available wearing one of five different color ribbons. The cat and dog came with collars and the unicorn came only with its good looks.

Different animals available in the BBOC 2003 Birthday Kits