Ty Collector

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Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 04085
Animal: Dinosaur - Brontosaurus
Exclusive to:  
Special category:  
Birthday: November 22, 1994
Introduction date: June 3, 1995
Retirement date: June 15, 1996
ST generation(s): 3
TT generation(s): 1, 2


1. Bronty was introduced at the same time as two other dinosaurs, Rex and Steg.

2. Bronty is made with the same tie-dye fabric as Sting (style 4077).


Counterfeit versions of Bronty exist.

   1. Bronty MUST have the copyright year 1995 on its tush tag. Bronty with ANY other year on its tush tag is a counterfeit.
   2. One particular counterfeit Bronty is rust-colored and has a "Rex" swing tag. The counterfeit swing tag has a period instead of a comma between "Waterloo" and "Hants" and the umlaut is missing from the "u" in the word Nurnberg. The year on this counterfeit Bronty's tush tag is 1994. Black and white tags can only have a copyright year of 1993 or 1995.
   3. On the counterfeit swing tags, the gold border appears brassy.
   3. The counterfeit tie-dye Bronty fabric color is paler than the color of the authentic Bronty.
   4. The length of the body an a counterfeit tye-dye Bronty is shorter than the authentic Bronty.
   5. The head on the counterfeit tie-dye Bronty is shaped incorrectly. The line of the mouth should be horizontal to the ground.
   6. The eyes of a counterfeit tie-dye Bronty are placed too high on the head.
   7. The counterfeit tie-dye Bronty has a sway-back body. The body on an authentic Bronty has a downward slant.
   8. The fabric on a genuine Bronty is always a shade of blue. It can not have Steg or Rex colors.