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Appreciation, Thanks & Credits would not be possible without the generous contributions of Ty products, photographs, information and advice from Ty collectors all over the world. We extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed, with special recognition to the following individuals and businesses:

H. Ty Warner for starting it all. We can easily imagine a world without iPhones, wide-screen TVs, Facebook and Starbucks, but not a world without Beanie Babies.

Wanda Whitley for giving us our first Beanie Baby as a Christmas present in Hanau, Germany. Wanda inspired our dream of a Beanie Baby museum.

Karen Holmes, editor of Ty Beanies Tracker Third Edition, for advising us on all things Ty, and helping us to fill so many empty spaces on our Beanie Baby shelves.

Karen Boeker, a knowledgeable collector and reseller, for providing so many of the hard-to-find Beanie Babies and Beanie oddities for our collection. Even more thanks Karen, for the first shiny apple in our collection; Tyra with pom-poms.

Jacob Sadoff, who sold us our first "Original 9" Beanie Baby with 1st generation Korean tags.

Phyllis Miceli who provided many of the photographs of prototypes shown at our site. Phillis also helped us locate other collectors who specialize in these rare and exotic collectibles.

Marc Ehrman at Fabric Friends & Dolls for always going the extra mile to help us obtain newly released Ty products for the museum project.

Collectors & Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts and collectors who have helped us by providing information or reporting typos or other mistakes we inadvertently made at the site.

Andrew Vurlumis
Briian DeWilde
Sara Armstrong
Steve Moss - Cardiff, Wales, UK
Rosaleen Rosado
Shelby Weatherly
Marlene Seuffert

Reference Sources

Internet Sites

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  • Ty Facebook page

People & Blogs

  • Barbara Gorniak - information and photos on Chef Robuchon Beanie Baby
  • Natalie Bell, Essex, UK - information on Beanie Baby swing tags
  • Natasha Cupido, West Sussex, UK - information on Princess Beanie Baby
  • Sonya Saville - information about Beanie Boos
  • Vicky Krupka - extensive listings of Beanie Baby oddities
  • Suzanne Bryan, Winchester, Indiana - Information on Princess Beanie Baby
  • Vicky Russell - Information on Frankenteddy Beanie Babies
  • Yvonne Brothers - information on Princess Beanie Baby


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